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Ultimate Cancer Breakthroughs™
Ultimate Cancer Breakthroughs™

The ONLY Guide To Alternative Cancer
Treatments You'll Ever Need!

Your Diet and Cancer
Your Diet and Cancer
60-70% of cancers are
due to dietary factors

Green Tea Extract
Green tea is a
potent cancer-fighter


Colon Cancer Symptom

Ultimate Cancer Breakthroughs
The ONLY Guide To Alternative Cancer Treatments You'll Ever Need! There Are Many Incredibly Successful Alternative Cancer Treatments Available That Even Your Doctor Doesn't Know About!

Complete Guide to the World of Alternative Cancer Therapy
A Beginner's Guide to the Complete World of Alternative Cancer Therapy. How to Survive Information Overload and Beat Cancer with Inexpensive, Proven, Alternative Treatments Right for You.

Undenatured Whey Protein
Undenatured whey protein is known to be effective in the case of cancer as stated in the medical patents and clinical trials. Undenatured whey contains precursors for the synthesis of glutathione in the body. The anti-cancer effect of glutathione and whey proteins is well documented in the medical literature.

Your Diet and Cancer
Did you know that 60-70% of cancers are due to dietary factors? And, that many of these may be prevented by changes in dietary habits? That's right, and now there is an "answer book" for those who want to learn more about taking control of their health.

Cancer Information, Cancer Prevention
Provides treatment information, support group listings, online education,
decision-making resources, physician locator services and risk assessment tools.

About Cancer - Cancer Treatment - Cancer Symptoms - Types of Cancer
Presents general overview information on many of the main kinds of tumors.
Includes news, doctor search, glossary and access to support hotlines.

Rolling To Recovery - A Colon Cancer Survivor Story
Cancer survivor rollerblading 2000 miles from Glen Falls, New York to Greeley,
Colorado to raise awareness and funds for cancer.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Tips on Controlling Your Symptoms ...
Answers questions such as what it is, how to know if you have it, what the symptoms
are, what the treatment is, what to change in the diet, medicines to take ...

Birth Control - - The First Name in Women's Health
Discussed contraceptive choices, benefits and risks of birth control pill and
possible connections between birth control and breast cancer.

Health News Online - Medical and health information and tools from ...
Includes a database of health related information, news and references.

Menopause Center - Doctors who treat menopause symptoms & provide ...
Evaluation and management of menopause, perimenopause and related medical conditions.
(Falls Church, Virginia)

Crohn's Disease
Information on the pathophysiology, symptoms and criteria.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS symptoms and diagnosis
Discusses the general characteristics, symptoms and intestinal motility.

Kidney Cancer, The Cancer Information Network
Gives overview information.

HealthCare For Medical Diseases, Drugs & Treatments --
Identify symptoms to make a self-diagnosis; set up online consultations with
physicians and therapists; view online medical dictionary of diseases, treatments, ...

Colon Cancer - eMedicine Health
Consumer health resource center providing an overview of the condition and its
causes, symptoms and treatment.

eMedicine - IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME - IBS, Irritable Colon ...
Read clinical report on IBS by Dr. Jenifer Lehrer from the University of Pennsylvania.
Includes a detailed description of diagnostic criteria.

Cancer Chart
Quick reference listing of the most common tumor types.

Cancer Symptoms
Symptoms, diagnosis, staging, treatment and prevention of many types of cancer.

Continuing Education
Offers courses developed in partnership with the Oncology Nursing Society.
Sample of available courses in cancer diagnosis, treatment, and symptom management.

Osteoporosis - - The First Name in Women's Health
Discusses treatment prevention, causes, symptoms and alternative treatment of

The Cancer Information Network
Information and links for all types of tumors.

eMedicine Health - Ovarian Cancer Overview
Consumer health resource provides an overview of the condition including causes,
symptoms and treatment.

eMedicine Journal - CONSTIPATION - Acute, Subacute and Chronic ...
Dr. Marc Basson offers a clinical overview of acute, subacute, and chronic
constipation, one of the most common gastrointestinal disorders.


Cancer Directory


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