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Ultimate Cancer Breakthroughs™
Ultimate Cancer Breakthroughs™

The ONLY Guide To Alternative Cancer
Treatments You'll Ever Need!

Your Diet and Cancer
Your Diet and Cancer
60-70% of cancers are
due to dietary factors

Green Tea Extract
Green tea is a
potent cancer-fighter


Skin Cancer

Ultimate Cancer Breakthroughs
The ONLY Guide To Alternative Cancer Treatments You'll Ever Need! There Are Many Incredibly Successful Alternative Cancer Treatments Available That Even Your Doctor Doesn't Know About!

Complete Guide to the World of Alternative Cancer Therapy
A Beginner's Guide to the Complete World of Alternative Cancer Therapy. How to Survive Information Overload and Beat Cancer with Inexpensive, Proven, Alternative Treatments Right for You.

Undenatured Whey Protein
Undenatured whey protein is known to be effective in the case of cancer as stated in the medical patents and clinical trials. Undenatured whey contains precursors for the synthesis of glutathione in the body. The anti-cancer effect of glutathione and whey proteins is well documented in the medical literature.

Your Diet and Cancer
Did you know that 60-70% of cancers are due to dietary factors? And, that many of these may be prevented by changes in dietary habits? That's right, and now there is an "answer book" for those who want to learn more about taking control of their health.

The Melanoma Foundation : Supporting world-class research into ...
Australian entity fosters prevention, research and treatment.
Overview information, resources and access to a bulletin board forum.

Skin Cancer Resources Directory - CancerIndex
Information and links about specific types of these malignancies.

The Cancer Council New South Wales :: Understanding Skin Cancer
General information about the condition including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
and support. From the Cancer Council of New South Wales, Australia.
A skin tumor atlas( 400 images), fundamentals of dermoscopy, Dr A. Kopf lectures,
melanoma risk factors, diagnosis and classification, skin cancer statistics ...

ABC's Of Melanoma
Provides some general information highlighting the possible role of a drug agent
by the pharmaceutical firm Schering-Plough.

Skin Cancer - melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell ...
Information including basic facts, risks, prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Research Institute
Presents an overview of issues of interest to health care professionals and sufferers.

Skin Cancer and Benign Tumor Image Atlas - Contents
A skin tumor image database from the Loyola university dermatology medical
education network.

Home - Skin Cancer Health Guide
Causes, sunscreen facts, prevention, treatments and medical center services.

Skin Cancer Treatment and Prevention Based on Pancreatin Enzymes
Describes home remedy using a popular contact lens cleaning solution mixed with
aloe vera gel.

eMedicine Health - Skin Cancer Overview
Consumer health resource provides an overview of the conditions including causes,
symptoms and treatment.

Skin Cancer Risk Profile
Take an online test which calculates your estimated risk. From the American
Academy of Dermatology.

InteliHealth: Skin Cancer
Includes basic information, prevention, treatment options and an ask-the-expert

Skin Cancer
Information from the European Institute of Women's Health.

The Skin Cancer Foundation
Non-profit organization located in New York City.

Introduction to Skin Cancer
General information and links. Includes the UV index for several cities.

Cancer Information, Research, and Treatment for all Types of ...
Gives general information regarding several types.

Spotlight Health
Interview with actor Roger Moore on his experiences with skin damage and what
he's learned about the causes of these conditions.

Sloan-Kettering - Skin Cancer
Overview of the subject from this New York City institution.


Cancer Directory


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