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What are the Signs of Different Types of Childhood Cancer?

Michael Monheit, Esquire, Monheit Law, PC

Bone Cancers

  • pain in a bone
  • swelling or tenderness around a bone or joint
  • interference with normal movements
  • weak bones, leading to fractures
  • fatigue, fever, weight loss, anemia


  • lethargy, weakness, paleness,
  • dizziness
  • back, leg, and joint pain,
  • headache, trouble standing or walking
  • easy bruising, unusual bleeding,
  • frequent nose bleeds, bleeding gums, petechiae (red pinpoints on the skin)
  • repeated, frequent infections
  • fever that lasts for several days
  • loss of appetite, weight loss
  • swollen lymph nodes, bloated or tender stomach, swollen liver or spleen
  • night sweats
  • irritability


  • lump or mass in the abdomen, chest, neck, or pelvis
  • loss of appetite, nausea, weight loss, stomach pain, constipation, difficulty urinating
  • changes in the eyes: black eyes, a droopy eyelid, a pupil that doesn't constrict, vision problems
  • pain in the chest, difficulty breathing, persistent cough
  • pain or numbness in the lower extremities, limping, inability to stand, stumbling
  • bone pain, fever, irritability, listlessness
  • backaches (backaches in children are not usual)

Wilms Tumor

  • abdominal swelling and/or pain
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • constipation
  • loss of appetite
  • fever of unknown origin
  • night sweats
  • abnormal urine color or blood in the urine
  • malaise
  • Brain Cancers
  • a seizure not related to high fever
  • staring, repetitive automatic movements
  • persistent vomiting without any known cause (projectile vomiting), nausea
  • progressive weakness or clumsiness; neck tilt, squint
  • walking, balance problems
  • precocious puberty; growth retardation
  • sleep apnea
  • vision problems
  • headache, especially that wakes the child up at night or is early in the morning
  • pain, especially back pain, which should be taken seriously in a child
  • changes in personality, irritability, listlessness
  • excessive thirst and excessive urination (rare, if the tumor is pressing against the pituitary)


  • lump or swelling, firm and painless to touch, in the extremities, the groin area, or the vaginal area
  • drooping eyelids, swelling of the eye, protruding eyeball, rapid vision changes
  • hoarseness, difficulty in swallowing
  • abdominal pain which persists for more than a week


  • swollen lymph node, especially in the neck, armpit or groin
  • swelling of the face
  • weakness, tiredness
  • sweating, especially at night
  • unexplained fever
  • unexplained weight loss
  • abdominal pain or swelling
  • pain
  • breathing difficulties, occasional cough, sometimes difficulty in swallowing


  • whitish color behind the pupil
  • problems with eye movements (crossed eyes)
  • a red irritation that persists
About the author: Michael Monheit, Esquire is the managing attorney for Monheit Law. The practice focuses on plaintiff personal injury cases. For more infomation, please use our Ewings Sarcoma Case Inquiry Form



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