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Your Diet and Cancer
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Glutathione and Undenatured Whey Protein in Cancer

Exciting Updates On Natural Cancer Prevention

Whey protein supplementation prevents and inhibits cancerous growths

Over the past 100 years, cancer has advanced from the status of an obscure and fairly rare disease to a more prominent position as the #2 killer of American people.

In 1900 the incidence of cancer was 1 in 500 among Americans. Today cancer claims 1 out of 3 lives, and the percentage is still climbing.[1]

Despite the fact that cancer now has the power to kill more people than it ever has in the past, traditional American Medical Association (AMA) approved health care practitioners receive little, if any, exposure in their formal training to the more effective alternatives that seem to be working quite well in the battle against cancer.

Whey protein is an excellent example...

Now more than ever, Nutritional scientists are discovering and documenting the hidden mechanisms by which whey proteins can prevent cancers as well as wage an all out war against cancerous tumors that have already developed.

As clinical trials have progressed, researchers have found that whey delivers powerful enabling proteins like lactoferrin. In the bloodstream, lactoferrin triggers the production of glutathione, an extremely effective antioxidant and tumor fighter par excellence.

To illustrate this, researchers at the Department of Food Science & Technology at Ohio State University demonstrated quantitatively that glutathione levels in prostate cells were increased by 50% as a direct result of whey isolate supplementation (containing lactoferrin).

They concluded that this level of increase in glutathione was responsible for preventing the development of prostate cancer compared to control groups that did not receive the whey supplementation.[2]

With the evidence for whey's curing ability mounting so rapidly, Anticancer Research took notice and published the following: “This non-toxic dietary intervention, which is not based on the principles of current cancer chemotherapy, will hopefully attract the attention of laboratory and clinical oncologists.”[3]

Knowing that whey can help to prevent cancer is exciting. This ability of whey lies in the fact that it delivers lactoferrin to our body, which, as stated above, boosts glutathione levels in the body. Glutathione serves several important roles that protect us from cancer.

For instance, glutathione is a natural antioxidant. It helps clean up metabolic by-products known as free-radicals. Excess free-radicals have been shown to induce various forms of cancer and are also responsible for over 60 kinds of age-related diseases.

Glutathione is also a powerful detoxifying agent for our body. Through a process known as "conjugation", it can rid the body of cancer causing substances by attaching to them and subsequently carry them out of the body and into the toilet. When you think about it, that's a pretty good place for cancer causing toxins.

Because of the number of prevention and tumor battling activities glutathione can bring to bear, whey is the kind of thing your body should not be without. Simply put, it's a very handy health maintenance tool.

In biochemistry, glutathione is classified as a phase II enzyme. Enzymes are compounds that carry on many of the "life oriented" chemical functions at the cellular level.

Because whey increases the production of glutathione it is both logical and scientifically sound to assume that whey also increases the production of other phase II enzymes like trypsin and chemotrypsin.

Together, these enzymes are known to be powerful inhibitors of cancer and are considered to be the body's natural "cancer fighters". Scientists at Johns Hopkins and Tsukuba University in Japan have confirmed this.

When referring to these phase II enzymes, researcher Paul Talalay, M.D of Johns Hopkins stated that 20 years of research, “confirms that raising the levels of phase II enzymes can offer a highly effective way to achieve protection against carcinogenesis (development of new cancer).”

Since these enzymes are known to be potent inhibitors of cancer, whey supplementation should not only be considered a cost-effective cancer prevention tool but also an effective tumor dismantling method.

Current research efforts are confirming these assumptions as fact. Human and animal studies have shown that adding lactoferrin can inhibit colon cancer by about 42%.[4] Lactoferrin has also been found to inhibit esophagus, lung, bladder, and tongue cancer in rats.[5]

Cancer Letters stated: “Epidemiological and experimental studies suggest that dietary milk products (such as whey) may exert an inhibitory effect on the development of several tumors.”[6]

This potent inhibition action of phase II enzymes is not hard to explain. Phase II enzymes fight cancers by destroying "trophoblast cells". These cells act as a protective shell and protect cancer from our immune system, thus allowing cancer to proliferate.

Without this protective shell, cancer becomes an easy target for the body's immune system. Now able to recognize the newly exposed cancer, the white blood cells attack it and destroy it.

As research continues, more anti-cancer benefits of whey are being discovered. Last year, researchers at Lund University in Sweden reported that alpha-lactalbumin proteins found in whey solids in combination with an unnamed component of human breast milk, have demonstrated the ability to kill all the known types of breast cancer cells.

Their peer-reviewed paper published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry suggested that when consumed by the body, alpha-lactalbumin is configured into an unknown protein that selectively induces apoptosis (programmed cell death, A.K.A. suicide) in cancerous tumors.[7]

And last but not least, there is now some very strong evidence that whey proteins render cancerous cells more vulnerable to chemotherapy and radiation while protecting healthy cells from their devastating side effects! But unlike chemotherapy and ionizing radiation, whey proteins have no toxic side affects.

Whey literally... does the patient no harm.[8]

I sincerely hope doctors will read this report. In 1990, $3.53 billion was spent on chemotherapy in the United States. By 1994 that figure had more than doubled to $7.51 billion.

This massive increase in the use of toxic chemotherapy was accompanied by corresponding increase in patient deaths.[9] Yet chemotherapy is performed every day in physicians' offices across the nation!

Ladies and gentlemen, isn't it time to dispense "real" healing instead of slow poisonous death?

The World Health Organization recently reported that the number of new cancer cases worldwide is expected to increase by 50 percent over the next 20 years, partly because “poor nations are adopting unhealthy Western habits.” [10]

If everyone increased their dietary intake of whey, more people would be able to live cancer free. No doubt, the pharmaceutical companies might have to take some pay cuts.

Could this be why health-practitioners [Allopathic doctors —Ed] have been reluctant to use natural methods that are known to work?


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Shane Ellison, M.Sc.
HealthFX Nutraceuticals

Author Profile: Shane holds a Master's degree in organic chemistry and has first-hand industry experience with drug research, design and synthesis. He is committed to raising health awareness by exposing the shocking and sometimes-frightening truth behind FDA approved drugs, sports supplements, and natural medicine. Combined, his unique experience allows his clients to live naturally healthy for life with natural medicine!

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